Transform Your Hair With Botanical Repair

Transform Your Hair with Botanical Repair Are you longing for hair repair that works? We have just what you need to get your hair looking and feeling great! We want to transform you hair with our NEW Botanical Repair. Aveda’s formula instantly strengthens and repairs from the inside out and creates new hair bonds. After the botanical treatment, it is visibily revived and shinier, giving your hair that natural full of life feeling. Botanical repair… Read more »


10 Tips To Maintaining Healthy Hair

10 Tips To Maintaining Healthy Hair   You get up out of bed and you are so excited! You’re getting your haircut and shampoo today from a professional stylist. You just love the feeling of being pampered and having someone take care of you for a change. Once you’ve come and gone from your appointment, you think to yourself, how do I maintain this mop? I can’t bring my stylist home with me every day,… Read more »