10 Tips To Maintaining Healthy Hair

10 Tips To Maintaining Healthy Hair


You get up out of bed and you are so excited! You’re getting your haircut and shampoo today from a professional stylist. You just love the feeling of being pampered and having someone take care of you for a change. Once you’ve come and gone from your appointment, you think to yourself, how do I maintain this mop? I can’t bring my stylist home with me every day, even though that would be nice. VanDavis Salon + Spa has an alternative to a live-in stylist. We have 10 tips to maintain your hair in between each visit to the salon. 


  1. Sleep on a silk pillowcase to preserve your hair’s natural oils. Silk pillowcases also create less friction than cotton, which is better for keeping the cuticle smooth in coarse or curly hair. They also prevent breakage around the face in fine hair.
  2. Drink WATER! And then some more WATER!!! Staying hydrated helps your skin and scalp not get dehydrated. When your scalp is not getting enough hydration, it affects your hair by breaking and causing split ends.
  3. It’s helpful to put your hair in ponytails and buns and always dry the hair first and then use a fabric-covered holder similar to a scrunchie is best.
  4. Utilize a deep conditioning mask 1-2 times a week depending on the texture.
  5. Wash your hair less and less. Use heat styling with good heat protection. 
  6. To promote healthy hair and scalp, always use shampoo and conditioner as shampoo is more acidic while conditioner is more alkaline. As a result, balancing the ph in the scalp and hair creates healthy hair.
  7. Using a scalp brush for stimulation of the hair follicles. Your hair and scalp deserve a good scrub. Just like brushing your teeth, your hair and scalp need the same attention for maintaining healthy hair.
  8. Routine trims are essential to maintain healthy hair to avoid breakage and split ends. We’re not asking you to go off the walls and shave your head each time. Even if it’s just trimming the tips of your hair, that helps with keeping your hair the healthiest it can be.
  9.  Getting a botanical treatment.
  10.  Use a hair veil or cover when going out in the sun, especially on the beach!


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